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March 27th, 2019, 9:10 pm
  A fantasy in the tradition of The Princess Bride, Stardust leavens its mature fairy tale with elements of seamless clothing manufacturer romance, horror, and comedy. Combined with Ian McKellan's smooth narration, Stardust transports viewers to another world. In the end, this is very much a fairy tale in the truest sense of the term, with plenty of the darkness left in that is often expunged from such stories.

The leads are played by a wonderful Claire Danes (using an effective British accent), who shines as a star, and an understated and relatively unknown Charlie Cox. It's a kinder and gentler achievement but, in the midst of overbudgeted, over-hyped sequels, it's a fresh and welcome entertainment. Despite just cracking the two-hour barrier, the film is paced and edited in such a way that the story always seems to be moving forward and there is no sense of drag or a letdown. contributes Rupert Everett, Sienna Miller, and Ricky Gervais in supporting roles. There are sequences of mild horror, in which characters die, sometimes gruesomely. And Septimus (Mark Strong), the heir to Stormhold's throne, needs a necklace Yvaine wears to finalize his coronation. The U. There's less whimsy to be found here than in The Princess Bride, but the film is likely to appeal to the same group of older children and adults that appreciated Rob Reiner's classic. But others are after Yvaine as well. It's a lighter, simpler sort of tale. Other elements, such as Captain Shakespeare's over-the-top frolicking and dancing in women's clothing, seems like it belongs in another movie (and, in fact, was not part of the book). The set design successfully replicates the look and feel of the book. Some of it, such as the bickering between the spectral brothers of Septimus or the antics of a billygoat-turned-human, is worthy of a laugh or two

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Another friend of mine pays for membership at a private nightclub here in Los Angeles up on Sunset Blvd. This group of 15 serious small business owners each pay $15,000.00 a year to have greater access to me than anyone else, and in a small group setting where we meet 3 times a year at luxurious 4- and 5-star hotels and resorts